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About Us

Medicine Hat

About THRIVE South Eastern Alberta

THRIVE South Eastern Alberta is comprised of a group of representatives from the community that initiated the development of the THRIVE Strategy. The group is made up of several individuals and organizations in our community including those with lived experience, Medicine Hat Community Housing Society, Medicine Hat & district Food Bank Association, City of Medicine Hat, Prairie Rose School Division, Medicine Hat College, YMCA of Medicine Hat, and community members at large.

Our Vision

By 2030, Medicine Hat will have ended poverty in all its forms, ensuring wellbeing for all.

Our Foundational Principles

  • Everyone has an equal right to justice, education, personal security and privacy, work, cultural, political and recreational participation.
  • Our approach is person-centered and community-driven.
  • To end poverty, we must prevent it in the first place.
  • Ending poverty and increasing wellbeing requires a collective effort
  • Social change requires innovation.

Our Team

Executive Director & CEO

  • Karen Danielson

Council of Champions

  • Co-Chair – Jaime Rogers
  • Co-Chair – Chris Hellman
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Travis Beck
  • Director – Ted Clugston
  • Director – Mark Davidson
  • Director – Jayne Halladay
  • Director – Blake Pedersen
  • Director – Lisa Pkrusic
  • Director – Antonio Samayoa
  • Director – Celina Symmonds

Frequently Asked Questions

Poverty is the lack of resources and opportunities to achieve a standard of living that allows full participation in the economic, social, cultural, education and political spheres of society.

Poverty derives from a mixture of complex and compounding factors including individual vulnerabilities, community infrastructure, systems and society biases.

The THRIVE Strategy to End Poverty & Increase Wellbeing was built with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for all Medicine Hat & Region citizens. Over 500 community members participated in building this strategy, including 143 individuals who reported having experienced poverty and 96 individuals currently experiencing poverty. These voices built the strategy which is made up of 13 pillars:

  • leadership and systems change
  • community systems planning
  • income security
  • business innovation
  • energy poverty
  • affordable housing
  • homelessness
  • food security
  • transportation
  • health and wellness
  • learning and literacy
  • resilient families
  • community safety

THRIVE South Eastern Alberta is comprised of a Council of Champions and Leadership Group that are based on our 13 key priority areas. This cross-sectoral group includes not-for-profit agencies, government agencies, community, business and education leaders, and those with lived experience of poverty. These individuals bring a diverse background to provide a better understanding of the variety of factors that contribute to poverty in our region.

THRIVE South Eastern Alberta aims to:

  • address service coordination and integration differently;
  • increase access to supports and services; and
  • rethink how we invest in community infrastructure and resources.

Our vision is by 2030, Medicine Hat & Region will have ended poverty in all its forms, ensuring wellbeing for all.

The response to poverty needs to be multi-dimensional at the individual, family, community and system/policy levels. To alleviate poverty, we need to address the root causes of poverty. THRIVE calls for the realignment of current system responses to coordinate supports for our community – so support is not fragmented, disarrayed or difficult to access. We want people to thrive.

THRIVE South Eastern Alberta has action committees working to address issues around transportation, health and wellness, food security and resilient families.

Ending poverty and increasing wellbeing requires a collective effort. The goals of THRIVE are a collective responsibility and by acknowledging good work already being done by community and building on existing knowledge expertise, effective practice, partnerships and resources we can build a thriving community together.

We are looking for community members to join our action committees, sign up to HelpSeeker, attend consultations, keep us connected with the work that they are doing in community and help us continue to conversation on alleviating poverty.


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